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"We got our wedding video back today!! It is absolutely perfect! I love being able to relive such a great day this way!

—  Hailey Perry, Bride


Your Story

Life is full of one-time moments. The first time you rode a bike without training wheels. The first day at your new job. The time you saw your favorite band in concert. A wedding is different. It's life-changing. It ends one life chapter and begins another. 

Video is quickly becoming the primary storyteller of our generation. Emotion, history, and passion take on a new definition when told through the medium of video because now your family and friends can experience those sensations the way they were supposed to, by reliving the memories and joy of your wedding day. 


Those first moments...

of a marriage can be the most precious. And for many couples, the day's events feel more like a blur.

With video, you can be sure that that smile, that laugh, those friends, and those family members are remembered forever. 

Celebrate Your Love Again and Again


There is only one story like yours. And your film should capture that. An heirloom treasure for future generations.


You're more than another couple. You're a unique, fascinating pair and I want to get to know you. I want to learn your story. You deserve to have more than a vendor, you should have an ally, a friend, in your corner on your big day.


For many years, photos have been a staple on wedding days. But now, you have the opportunity to put movement to those memories. Savor the detail of the experience.

The Films

The Packages

A second camera operator may be utilized for any one of these packages. The "Gold" version is the only one that guarantees this. If Elemental Video chooses to use a second operator for either of the first two, that cost will not be added to the price. 

Travel expenses, permit fees, etc. will be added to the final price of any package.

Interested? Let's talk!
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