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About Me

My mom thinks I'm neat.

My name is Kevin and I've been shooting and editing videos for the past 10+ years. It started as a way to get out of doing papers once the teacher agreed to take a video project instead. 


Since those early days of analog tape. I've earned my bachelor of science at Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Electronic Media Communication Production. 

I started working full-time at the local CBS-Affiliate TV station in Nashville. There I ran in-studio cameras, robotic cameras, played in-show graphics, served as technical director, and director. Today, I create graphics and promotional content with a specialization in colorist and compositing work as well as creative videography and editing.

I also serve the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission in their Nashville office as their go-to video guy. 

Finally, I volunteer as the video producer for First Mt. Juliet (formerly First Baptist Church, Mt. Juliet).

I'm always geeking out on new ways to do videography well. Whether that's learning from pros on YouTube or taking the camera out and trying something new as a stock video curator. When you hire me, you're not just getting a person to shoot a camera, you're getting someone who is passionate about making your video look the best it can. 

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