Baptist Church

This is the first draft of this welcome video. A few things to note: The music is not licensed. I have a few other options if you'd like to hear them. However, this is the one I ran with since it seemed the most energetic of the contenders (without being distracting). 

The GFBC logo is pulled from your website. It would be good to have a higher resolution PNG or Vector version of your logo. I'd like to add a lower third (title font) to Travis when he first appears on screen. 

If you have any idea for a CTA at the end, feel free to share those with me. Worship times? Contact info? I was hesitant to go forward and do that since it would cover up that closing hero shot of the church nested in Gallatin, in that drone shot. But I'll put whatever you want on the end there. 

Thanks for the opportunity to work on this!

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