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2nd Shooter

Somehow this seemed easier than an email or Facebook message. Basically, I want to break down my thoughts about 2nd shooting, along with showing some examples of things I've shot/edited, as well as samples from rockstar videographers whom I hope to emulate.  

Low Stress

The goal is to not stress you out! I want you to feel free to have fun. I want to give you practical tasks that allow us to eat the elephant in a smart and timely way. 

I make it my goal to get the footage that I know I need so that frees you up to get the stuff I may have missed. Those elements that you think would add some spice to the video. Additionally, having your camera running ensures that when someone says something fun, or a child does something cute, we'll have that for the final video! 

Wedding Video Heroes

Naturally, I'm not super huge on copying an entire style. But then again, wedding videos seem to all follow a similar pattern. These people have taken the pattern and turned it into something beautiful. 

Their names are links to their work/sites. So explore! Get inspired!

What to expect (typically)

No, not every wedding is the same. But most follow a similar pattern. 

The party arrives. They don't seem to be in any rush until they are. Bridesmaids get makeduped and the dudes go play pool or something. Brides don't want to be videoed without makeup on and guys need some coaching because they're way out of their element. With that said, there can be opportunities to capture some fun, playful moments between members of the wedding party.

The actual ceremony will probably not be set up until an hour before. This is close to when people arrive, so getting a nice empty room might be tough. But it's doable. 

The venue! The exterior establishing shots, the signage, the little things that make this place special are gold to a wedding video.


First Looks can be stressful. Working with the photographer and coordinating all of this can be a bit of a struggle, but finding our rhythm will be key and probably. not as worrisome as it seems at first. Photographers tend to scout out exactly where they'd like the first look to take place. They also do a great job of arranging jewelry and shoes for photos. So we can swoop in and steal their creativity if we want. 


The ceremony is the next huge thing. We'll coordinate before the big day so nothing is a surprise. There are some very well-shot/well-edited ceremonies on YouTube. And there are dumpster fires.  I've done this once or twice to recognize what I like and I'll make it clear what I'm looking for. The good news is that the ceremony is about 70% locked off. The kiss, the march out... all that business gets real important, but not worth going into right here.

 The Party! Speeches, dances, bouquet tosses. It's a think-on-your-feet whirlwind of fun. Again, coordination through all of this will be important, but things get a bit relaxed as the dancing takes place. 


Getting Ready

First Looks




You got this! I wouldn't have asked if I didn't think you could do it!

... alright, fine. My hot mess of work:

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